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75 Popular Hobbies to Kickstart Ideas for Your Next Low Content Book

Hobbies make great niches for low content books. I’ve put together a list of 75 popular hobbies to help you get started. Look for ways to sub-niche each hobby to increase the odds of your book getting in front of buyers on Amazon. The less crowded your sub-niche, the more likely people will see it. More eyes on your book translates to more sales.

Let’s use the gardening niche as an example. Start off by searching for “types of gardening”. This will give you an idea of different gardening sub-niches you can target with a book. You will find that not only are there different types of gardens, there are also different types of gardening methods. By combining one gardening type (e.g. container gardens) with a garden type (e.g. vegetable gardens), you can create a highly targeted book for a very specific sub-niche.

You would then need to do research in that niche to make sure there is an audience for a book. Once you verify there is an audience, you then need to further research to determine what the people in that niche would need in a book. Don’t forget to add informative “how to’s” and “tips and tricks” from what you learned while researching this niche. This will add value for your target audience and give them a reason to purchase your book over another book that doesn’t contain that information.

Get started creating books for hobby niches by downloading this free list containing 75 of the most popular hobbies.

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