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Journal Creation Simplified

New KDP Pricing Calculator


A KDP pricing calculator has been added to aududu book creator. Enter the number of pages for your book and the type of ink to determine the printing cost and minimum price. Enter the price for your book to determine your KDP royalty and Expanded Distribution royalty. The tool can be accessed under the “Resources” …

Use Your Own Fonts in Our Puzzle Creator Tools


You can now use your uploaded fonts in all three of our puzzle creator tools! Sudoku Puzzle Creator Tool Crossword Puzzle Creator Tool Word Search Creator Tool Our puzzle creator tools are included in all aududu pro-memberships. Not pro yet? Click below to sign-up!

Storyboard Bundle Freebie


This Storyboard Bundle contains 12 different pages you can mix and match to create a variety of storyboard, drawing, and comic book type low content books. The file is in powerpoint with all elements fully editable. The pages have been sized for a 6×9 journal. This freebie will be available until October 20, 2019. This …

Q4 10 Days – 100 Books Challenge


Looking for motivation and accountability to get to your Q4 goals? Join the challenge! Challenge members get: One month pro-membership at ($9.99 value) 2020 Monthly Planner Bundle ($8.99 value) Christmas Planner Bundle ($5.99 value) Family Organizer Bundle ($5.99 value) Access to private Facebook group Daily videos detailing how to create 100 quality books Daily …

Q4 Prep Strategies Workshop


Wednesday – October 2, 2019 Need help creating books that will sell like crazy this holiday season? Sign up for our free workshop! This workshop will cover: What is Q4 and why it matters How to quickly generate a niche list What sells during the holiday season Ideas for low content books to create Q4 …