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Journal Creation Simplified

Q4 Prep Book


Have the best Q4 ever! This book gives you all the information you need to maximize your Q4 profits. If you are not planning your low content book business to maximize your Q4 profits, you are leaving money on the table. More money is spent during Q4 than any other time of the year. Plan …

New Mandala Tool


The Mandala Tool allows you to create mandala type coloring pages. When you select the number of rotations, you will see a “pie slice” that represents the area available to place images for that number of rotations. You can create a regular coloring page by selecting 1 rotation. Selecting 2 rotations will mirror your design …

New Game Book Tool


Our new Game Book tool lets you create pe and pencil game books with connect four, dots and boxes, tic-tic-toe, and/or hangman pages. You can control how many games appear on each page and which games you want to include in your book. You can choose between 1, 2, 4, or 6 connect four games; …

Homeschool Planner Bundle Freebie


Our August freebie is a Homeschool Planner Bundle. This bundle contains 10 fully editable PowerPoint pages. Combine these pages to create a variety of homeschool planners. Included in this bundle: Yearly Overview Page Monthly Planning Page Weekly Lesson Plan Daily Plan Unit Studies Page Attendance Log Grade Tracker Reading Log Curriculum Tracker Website Tracker The …

New Dot-to-Dot Creator Tool


The dot-to-dot tool allows you to create a dot-to-dot page from your jpg or png image file. The dots are added automatically based on the number of dots you selected. This video demonstrates how to use this tool. Tool Features: Adjust the size placement of the numbers for each dot Adjust the placement of the …

Sudoku Tool Update


You can now create 4×4 and 6×6 puzzles in addition to 9×9 puzzles. Plus you have control over the line width, line color, and font size for both the puzzles and the answer pages. Use the Select Puzzle Type drop-down to select between 4×4, 6×6, or 9×9 puzzles. You can select the font size for …