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Low Content Book Planning

Whether you are new to the low content book business or you struggle with ideas for books or methods to create them, this book will give you the tools and strategies you need to be successful in this business.

This book lays out a system for creating profitable low content books. By following this systematic approach, you will be able to create books faster and those books will be well thought out and designed to provide value to your target audience.

Every bestseller started out as one great idea. Take your great idea and use the Book Brainstorming Page to flesh out all the details for the book you want to create. Use the Book Planning page to keep track of your progress for this book. You will also use it to record all of the details for this book. Use the keyword and description planning pages to help you come up with the perfect keywords and write a great description that will help sell your book.

The methodology behind these pages and a way for you to come up with the niches you should be creating for are contained in the appendix at the end of this book. The appendix also contains a roadmap with the steps you need to take to publish a low content book, as well as tips for picking keywords and writing descriptions.

This system will also help you create other books in the same or similar niches. You will be able to build on the work you have already done by re-purposing the keywords and descriptions for other books. You will save time by not having to start from scratch for each book you create.

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