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Q1 Challenge – Leap into 2020

Want to plan out your LCB business for the year?

Join the challenge!

Day 1 – Create the Vision and Goals for Your LCB Business

Day 2 – Identify the Niches You Should Be Creating For

Day 3 – Q1 Planning

Day 4 – Q2 Planning

Day 5 – Q3 Planning

Day 6 – Q4 Planning

Day 7 – Steps to Take Before You Start Creating

Day 8 – How to Leverage One idea into Multiple Books

Day 9 – How to Establish Yourself as the Expert in a Niche

Day 10 – How to Add Value to Your Books to Increase Sells

Join the challenge and plan for success!

Challenge will cover:

  • Setting your goals for the year
  • Types of books that sell each month of the year
  • Process for determining what LCBs to create
  • How to leverage one idea into a bunch of different books
  • How to own a niche by creating multiple titles with different content
  • How to add value and establish yourself as an expert

Challenge members get:

  • One month pro-membership at
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • Daily Videos, Workbook, and Assignments
  • A bonus list each day to help you come up with LCB book ideas and grow your business
  • Ability to purchase aududu Lifetime Membership after challenge

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