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Unlocking Creativity: Introducing Cross-Number Puzzles to A Book Creator


At A Book Creator, we believe in the power of innovation and the importance of listening to our community. It’s with great excitement that we introduce a highly requested feature that promises to transform your puzzle creation experience: the ability to craft cross-number puzzles. This new feature is not just an addition; it’s a doorway to endless creative possibilities, blending numbers and words to challenge and entertain puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

The Inspiration Behind the Feature

Our journey to this moment started with you – the creators, educators, and puzzle enthusiasts who use A Book Creator to bring joy, learning, and creativity to people’s lives. You asked for more flexibility and tools to create diverse puzzles, and we listened. The cross-number puzzle feature is our response to your feedback, designed to empower you with more ways to engage your audience and expand your creative portfolio.

A Closer Look at Cross-Number Puzzles

Cross-number puzzles, akin to their crossword cousins, challenge solvers to fill in a grid, but with a twist: the answers are numbers. This opens a world of possibilities for educational content, brain teasers, and thematic puzzles. Whether you’re creating puzzles for a classroom setting, a brain workout book, or just for fun, cross-number puzzles offer a unique way to captivate and educate.

How the Feature Works

To ensure you can leverage this new feature from day one, we’ve created a detailed video walkthrough. In this video, we dive into the nuances of creating cross-number puzzles, showcasing how to:

  • Integrate numbers seamlessly into your puzzles
  • Provide clues that challenge and engage solvers
  • Customize the layout and design to fit your puzzle book’s theme

Click below to watch the tutorial video.

The Possibilities Are Endless

With the introduction of cross-number puzzles, A Book Creator continues to offer the most comprehensive and customizable toolset for low content book creators. From educators looking to develop engaging learning materials to indie authors expanding their puzzle book series, this new feature is a game-changer.

Your Turn to Create

Now, it’s over to you. Dive into the world of cross-number puzzles and explore how this feature can elevate your creations. We can’t wait to see the innovative puzzles you’ll design and the ways you’ll inspire, teach, and entertain your audience.

Stay Connected

As we continue to evolve and enhance A Book Creator, your feedback is invaluable. Share your experiences, suggestions, and the incredible puzzles you create with us and the community. Together, we’re not just creating puzzles; we’re unlocking creativity.

Start Creating with A Book Creator Today


The introduction of cross-number puzzles to A Book Creator marks an exciting milestone in our mission to provide the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative platform for low content book creators. As you embark on this new creative journey, remember, the only limit is your imagination. Let’s create something remarkable together.

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