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New Maze Tool!

Our new Maze Tool creates customized mazes with text in any Roman alphabet language. The tool creates a KDP upload ready interior containing the number of mazes you specified followed by the solutions for those mazes.

The Maze Tool allows you to specify:

  • Maze width and height
  • Width of lines for mazes
  • Text for maze titles
  • Text to use for the start and end of the mazes
  • Font to use for text
  • Font size for maze titles and start/end text
  • Color to use for solution line
  • Where to put the start/end openings
  • Number of mazes for the PDF
  • Text to use for solutions title page

Below are some examples of mazes created with the tool.

Width: 8 Height: 10 Line Thickness: 0.1″

Width: 15 Height: 20 Line Thickness: 0.04″

Width: 50 Height: 50 Line : 0.02″

Width: 20 Height: 20 Line Thickness: 0.04″

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