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Welcome to Aududu Book Creator

Welcome to Aududu Book Creator! Our mission is to help you create low content books to self publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or other book publishers.

If you currently have a POD business or are looking to start a new side hustle, you should take a serious look at the low content book market. Low content books are books designed to be written or drawn in by the person that buys the book. Some examples are: journals, log books, diaries, notebooks, sketchbooks, and composition books. There are thousands of different types of low content books that you can create. Take one of your niches and think about what those people like doing and how you can help them keep track of it. An example for the beer making niche would be to create a homebrew journal.

If you already have a POD business and you are not selling low content books then you are leaving money on the table. Our tools will give you the ability to quickly take your existing designs and produce a low content book to go along with them. To do this, take your designs that already sell well on Merch By Amazon and turn them into book covers. You can do this quickly and easily with our Cover Creator Tool. Next you need the inside pages for the book which is called the interior. You can use one of our interior creator tools and download an interior in under a minute. Once you have your cover PDF and interior PDF you can head over to KDP and create your book.

We’ll be adding tutorials to show you how to use all our tools soon. In the meantime, if you don’t already have a KDP account, head over and create yourself a free account.

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