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Keywords for Low Content Books

One of the most common questions we get from LCB creators is how to come up with great keywords. This book lays out a method for creating keywords that will help your book get found and purchased by your target audience. Having great keywords are crucial for getting your book in front of your potential buyers. The tools in this book will allow you to pick out winning keywords that get your book seen and bought!

This book gives you a method for coming up with the perfect keywords for your book. This method utilizes two pages, the Keywords Planning page and the Keywords Used page, that help you come up with these keywords in a systematic way. Use the Keywords Planning page to brainstorm the keywords for your book. Then use the Keywords Used page to pick out which words to use and which keyword slot to put them in to maximize the number of words for your book. There are enough pages in this book to plan keywords for 50 low content books.

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