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Low Content Book Niche Hunting

Two of the most common questions I see from low content book creators are “What is a hot niche?” and “What niche should I create for?” It is common for LCB creators to search amazon to see what other people are doing hoping to find a niche that will be profitable for them. These people upload hundreds of books exactly like books that are already out there and then ask why they don’t get any sells. The question they should be asking themselves is why someone would want to buy their book when there are already hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of books just like it on Amazon. If you want to have a successful LCB business, you need to provide value to your target audience by creating books that make a difference in your customers life.

How you will your book make your customer’s life easier and help them to be successful?

What does this have to do with picking a niche? The answer is that by picking a niche you are already familiar with you will be better able to create books that provide this type of value to the people in that niche. Everyone is an expert in something. Use that knowledge to create books to help others be successful and you will be able to establish yourself as an expert, build a brand, and have a profitable LCB business.

Start With What You Know

Make a list of all the niches you are a part of. Examine your life, your hobbies, your careers, and the life moments you have experienced. What is your passion? What do you already know a lot about? What is something you would enjoy making books for? What do you like talking about with other people?

Pick a Pain Point

A pain point is a specific problem that people in a niche are experiencing. Since you are in that niche, you should already be familiar with the types of things people struggle with in that niche. If you are having trouble identifying a pain point, look through Facebook groups dedicated to that niche to see what problems pop up frequently.

Add Value

After you have identified the pain point to address with your book, create an interior that will help people struggling with that problem. Add an introduction that tells people how your book solves their problem. Provide an example page for each page type of your interior that demonstrates how to use your pages. Include tips and tricks that will be useful to people in that niche.

Be The Expert

The goal is for you to build a brand and attract customers that will become your fans and then buy every book you create in that niche. Instead of tossing up books in dozen of niches and hoping someone buys them, you want to establish yourself as the expert in that niche and create yourself an audience that can’t wait to buy your next book. To do that set up a blog where you post not only about your books, but also provide information of interest to your niche. Start a facebook group where you can share your knowledge and help out people in your niche. When you shift your focus from hunting for a profitable niche to helping people in your niche, you will be headed down the road to having a profitable business.

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