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#1 Way to Never Run Out of Ideas!

I’m always amazed when I hear people say they cannot come up with any ideas for their LCBs. Ideas are literally all around you. Every where you go, everyone you know, and everything you do can provide inspiration for your next book. Did your friend just tell you about a new hobby she recently started? Book Idea! Need to organize, plan, or schedule something? Book Idea! Have a problem you had to research to find a solution for? Book Idea!

I have so many book ideas that I have a hard time deciding which ones to start working on. I keep a list of ideas and refer back to it on a regular basis to decide which ones to create next. You can keep a list on your phone or computer or use a small book to jot down your ideas as they come to you. I like these small books. They are easy to carry around and write things down whenever an idea strikes.

To give you an idea of how to pay attention to the world around you to generate book ideas, here’s things I noticed during a recently walk on the bike path next to the beach:

  • Runners – books to help people train for different race lengths and track their progress
  • Electric bikes – new trend, what sort of books might they like?
  • Surfers – book to track tides, where I surfed, how it went, etc.
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Surfer – That’s new!
  • Metal Detector Group – looks like they were having some sort of contest, maybe a log book to track all the things they find
  • Walkers – book to track steps/miles/etc
  • People Fishing – log book to track location, type of fish caught, what lure type
  • Beach Volleyball – log books to track games and training
  • Beach Soccer – log books to track games and training
  • People walking their dogs – do people keep track of how far and how often they walk their dog?
  • Roller Skaters – becoming popular again, possible new hot niche to watch for
  • Kids building sandcastles – Is there a market for how to build sandcastles book?
  • People collecting shells – log book for shells collected
  • Boogie boarders – 100 days of boogie boarding for a happier life
  • People around fire pits – fire pit recipe books
  • Mom walking in groups with kids in strollers and Starbucks cups in their hands – could be a good sub-niche to explore further

You can do this same sort of thing while scrolling through your socials, talking with friends, and even out shopping or dining. Pay attention to what people are doing, wearing, and talking about with others. Keep something to jot down your ideas with you at all times. Refer back to your idea list when you start planning your next LCB.

Get a list of 50 LCB Types to help you with your idea generation here.

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