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1/4″ Graph Paper, Dot Grid Journal, Lined Journal, and Two Column Journal Bundle – No Bleed


This bundle includes:

  • 1/4″ graph paper in 3 sizes: 5×8,  6×9, and 8.5×11
  • dot grid journal in 3 sizes: 5×8,  6×9, and 8.5×11
  • lined journal in 3 sizes: 5×8,  6×9, and 8.5×11
  • two column journal in 3 sizes: 5×8,  6×9, and 8.5×11

Each file contains a 120 page interior PDF.  This PDF is a no bleed interior ready made to upload. Simply download it here and upload to KDP and publish your low content book today.


Graph paper, also known as: coordinate paper, grid paper, quadrille paper, math paper, or squared paper, is writing paper that is printed with fine lines making up a regular grid of squares.

The lines are used as guides for many applications, including:

  • lab notebooks
  • quilting, knitting, embroidery, and cross stich planning
  • writing practice
  • mapping for gaming
  • tile design for landscaping, flooring, or bathrooms
  • grid method of drawing

Dot Grid journals are also know as bullet journals, or BuJo. (Bullet Journal and BuJO are both trademarks, so don’t use those words in your designs!) It has become a very popular productivity system.  There are an endless variety of “spreads”people have created to use in their dot grid journals.

Here’s some of the things people like to keep track of in their dot grid journals:

  • bucket list
  • food diary
  • weekly exercise
  • hydration each day
  • personal goals
  • financial goals
  • habit tracker

Lined journal paper contains horizontal lines that can be used to record a variety of activities. Journals are often used to record thoughts during different times of people’s life.  Many people will keep an engagement journal, pregnancy journal, travel journal, or rehabilitation journal.

Journal paper can be used for:

  • daily diary
  • log book
  • keep track of lists
  • record passwords
  • keep track of spending
  • write poems or short stories

Journal paper containing horizontal lines with two columns can be used to record a variety of activities. The two columns in the journal make it perfect for lists.

The columns can be used to list:

  • shopping lists
  • mileage log
  • food log/exercise log
  • Site/Password lists
  • bucket lists
  • places to visit
  • track spending

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