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New Feature: Create Interactive PDFs for Kindle Scribe with A Book Creator

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature in our Word and Number Search Tool that will revolutionize how you create and sell puzzle books!

Introducing Interactive PDFs for Kindle Scribe

Our latest update allows you to create PDFs specifically designed for the Kindle Scribe. These aren’t just any PDFs—they come with an auto-generated index and interactive links, making navigation a breeze. Here’s a closer look at what this feature offers:

  • Auto-Generated Index: Each PDF includes a comprehensive index linking directly to every puzzle.
  • Interactive Links: Navigate seamlessly with links from each puzzle to its solution and back, plus links to the index.
  • Ideal for Etsy Sellers: These interactive PDFs are perfect for selling on platforms like Etsy, providing a superior user experience.

Check out our video showcasing a sample PDF created using this feature on a Kindle Scribe and a demo of how you can start creating your own interactive puzzle books.

We value your feedback! We’ll be extending this feature to other tools, and we want to hear from you. Which tool should we enhance next with this interactive capability?

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